Sometimes, we put labels on foods and classify them into foods that are good and bad for health. Foods that appear clean, perfect, and highly nutritious and provide good health outcomes, are often labeled as “good” foods, while “bad” foods are sometimes labeled as foods that are lacking in nutrition, and have a negative impact on health.1 From a moral value, food cannot be differentiated into "good" or "bad", whereas from a nutritional point of view, the content of each food is different. There are foods that become a source of energy, provide pleasure, and feel full longer.2

Based on Eatwell's guidelines, a guide that made by public health institution in UK, some will be grouped as the main foods to be consumed in a healthy diet, while other foods will be ruled out or even avoided. Foods that content with excess sugar, high in saturated fat, and salty, such as ice cream, cakes, chocolate, and pizza, will be included in food groups that are not important in a healthy diet. However, it does not mean that these food could be labeled as "bad" food.1 Instead of applying a moral value (“good” or “bad”) to the food, it would be better if we could view this food as sources of nutrition and enjoyment or even both so that there is no feeling of guilt when consuming these foods. In addition, it will give yourself the freedom to consume and enjoy a variety of foods while still focusing on food groups that need to be consumed more to achieve a balanced and healthy diet.3


Healthy Food Being Bad for Health

Here are some reasons why healthy food goes bad, namely:2,4

1. Contains allergens for the body.

2. Too much added substance (not fresh/natural).

3. Exceeding the dose that needed by the body.

4. Has undergone decay (not suitable for consumption)


How to Make a Good Decision in Choosing Your Food?

Here are some good tips that you could do, such as:4

1. Buy food that is still fresh and unprocessed.

2. Choose a variety of foods with a wide variety of colors to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals.

3. Consume your food while it still fresh or with minimal manufacturing process and/or substances addition.

4. Do not assume that buying, preparing, and consuming food, especially food that classified outside the group of healthy diet menu, as a burden.



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