Our People

Our empowerment programs that are integrated with our vision and mission.

At Darya-Varia, our employees are the most valuable assets. We welcome new hires through On Boarding Program, EDGE (Exploring, Discovering Great Experience) to make them feel at home.

We value our people and their wellbeing by created programs to develop the competences and capabilities. Several employee relation activities are held to keep their spirit high and maintain harmonious relationship. The loyalty of employees who have served for more than 25 years is recognized and rewarded through our Long Service Awards program. Our employee relations activities are conducted all year long so as to nurture as to build closer relations between employees and promote healthy lifestyles. Such activities include New Year Handshake, Family Day, Halal bi Halal and Christmas Celebrations.

At Darya-Varia, we see ourselves as one big family that is united by our corporate values, BERSATU. We work together to build a Healthier Indonesia, one person at a time.



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