For males, erectile dysfunction is a source of anxiety. Unfortunately, many men are still reluctant to check themselves, find out the cause, and quickly address this health issue. The inability of a man to obtain or sustain an erection during sexual activity is known as erectile dysfunction, or impotence.1

According to a study in the American Journal of Medicine that published in 2007, notes that the risk of impotence increases with age. According to study from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia (UI), erectile dysfunction affects 35.6% of Indonesian males between the ages of 20 and 80, and the prevalence of this condition rises with age.2

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by a variety of factors. In fact, the cause may be a combination of some health condition. Here are some factors that cause erectile dysfunction:3

1. Psychological issues, such as conflicts with partners, disinterest in partner, traumatic sex encounters, psychological stress, despair, and anxiety.

2. Health issues including Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, prostate issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, hormone disorders such low levels of reproductive hormones (testosterone deficiency), heart and blood vessel illness.

3. Unhealthy lifestyle, which often involves drinking alcohol, smoking, or using illegal drugs.

4. Side effects of certain drugs that could cause erectile dysfunction.

The main symptom of impotence is when a person has difficulty maintaining an erection even with sexual stimulation. If one has erectile dysfunction:3

- Occasional erections, but not always during sex;

- Erections that do not last long or are unsatisfactory;

- Unable to have an erection;

While erectile dysfunction alone is not harmful, it can signal other potentially harmful conditions including heart disease, diabetes, or prostate issues. If erectile dysfunction is not addressed right away, sexual harmony may suffer. Additionally, it also causes difficulties for couples to have children. You can perform the following to overcome this:1,4

- Healthy lifestyle including exercise regularly, consuming nutritious food, being hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress well.

- Psychotherapy to treat erectile dysfunction brought on by mental health issues, such as stress or depression.

- Taking sildenafil-containing tablets which could worok by increasing blood flow to the penis when aroused, could help on erection process. Sildenafil should not be used carelessly and must be based on a doctor’s prescription. Thus, consult with your doctor first before you consume the medicine.


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