After a month of Muslim fasting during Ramadan, it is time to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with joy. Eid celebrations are synonymous with various mouth-watering dishes. However, some of these dishes may not be healthy for the body and cause disease.

Here are some tips for enjoying Eid celebration healthily and happily:

- Choose a Healthy and Tasty Food Menu

Tofu satay, chicken soup, grilled fish or fresh fruit are several types of healthy and delicious food menus that can be enjoyed with joy during Eid. Add peanut sauce to tofu satay or add vegetables such as potatoes, spring onions or carrots to chicken soup. In addition, avoid consuming foods with excess oil or salt.1

- Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Sweet drinks such as syrup, fizzy drinks and fruit juices with added sugar are dishes that are synonymous with Eid and can increase blood sugar levels. One can of soft drink can contain as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar, while the daily limit for sugar consumption is 6-7 teaspoons. By limiting the intake of these sweet drinks, the body can avoid various diseases, especially diabetes.2

- Managing a Healthy Lifestyle After Eid

It is important to implement continuously several healthy lifestyle patterns, such as limiting food intake according to the body’s needs, drinking water regularly, and chewing food slowly, hence, you would be able to eat various food during Eid . Apart from that, actively moving around, such as walking to your relatives’ residence, is a way to stay healthy after Eid.3


Tips for Overcoming Difficulties in Implementing a Healthy Eating Pattern After Eid

Feelings of joy about Eid and thought of that you no longer have the responsibility to maintain a healthy diet are the two main reasons why it is difficult to restart a healthy diet after Eid. Here are some things that can be do to restart a healthy eating pattern:4

  1. Set a meal schedule after Eid, such as time to eat heavy meals and rearranging foods that can be consumed or need to be limited.
  2. Understand the goals of healthy eating patterns for your body.
  3. Choose healthy foods you like and avoid forcing yourself to eat healthy foods you don’t like.

Maintaining health during the Eid celebration period is an important thing to do. Therefore, you could stay in touch with your entire extended family in a healthy body condition, feeling comfortable and happy.


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