Whistleblowing (WBL)

This Whistleblowing System is one the inherent supervisions built by the Company in performing internal controls that are consistent and continuous and to ensure that the application of the principles of good corporate governance ("GCG") is effective.

The following are types of violations within the scope of reporting:

1.Non-compliance and/or violations of laws and regulations.

2.Non-compliance and/or violations of Company’s policies, procedures, and code of ethics.

3.Internal and External Fraud.

4.Actions which can give rise to risk of damage to assets.

5.Forgery or alteration of any documents belonging to the company, customers, another financial institution, or agents of the company.

6.Profiteering as a result of insider knowledge.

7.Misuse of position or information

8.Any other similar or related irregularities shall be reported

Download your WBS Report Form (automatically) here and send to speakup.wbl@darya-varia.com

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