The strawberry generation is a term given to a generation that has high ideas and creativity but easily gives up when under pressures of life, such as a strawberry that look nice and refreshing from the outside but actually have soft flesh and breaks easily. The term of strawberry generation was first used in Taiwan around 2007.1 This term refers to the characteristics of the generation born in 2000. Several factors can contribute to the emergence of the strawberry generation, such as self-diagnosis too early without expert assistance by adjusting information obtained on social media with their emotional condition, parenting patterns that tend to spoil children, and generations that are tend to run away from problems rather than face them.2,3


Characteristics of the Strawberry Generation

Some of the characteristics of the strawberry generation:1,2,3

1. It's easy to give up or give up when facing problems.

2. Have high creativity and like challenges and new things.

3. Good at using technology but easily dependent on technology.

4. Want to achieve success easily and quickly.

5. Inconsistent and has a high sense of laziness.

6. It is difficult to accept criticism and emotional in responding to differences of opinion.

7. Vulnerable to experiencing stress by various circumstances, such as comparing the life you have.

8. Wider community social relations.

9. Have high expectations in living life, both in career, lifestyle and in the world of education.


Tips on Becoming a Stronger Strawberry Generation

Some tips that can be done, such as:1,3

1. Take information from various trusted sources.

2. Get used to accepting failure.

3. Train yourself to have realistic expectations that everything cannot be obtained easily.

4. Manage stress in a positive way, such as relaxation or exercise.

5. Learn the ability to be tough in the face of adversity.

6. Hone problem solving skills to find solutions to every problem rather than having to give up and despair.

7. Avoiding the habit of absorbing raw information without consultation with the experts.

8. Apply a growth mindset so that you can always spur the development of your own abilities and be courageous in facing challenges and new things.



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