Darya-Varia, in partnership with the Benih Baik Indonesia Foundation and Foodbank of Indonesia, has once again organized a series of stunting prevention programs in Bogor Regency, West Java. This effort is part of a Company’s commitment to enhance maternal and child health at the local level. This time, the focus is on educational training attended by midwives from Public Health Centers (Puskesmas) in the Cibungbulang Subdistrict, Cijujung Subdistrict, and Situ Udik Subdistrict, as well as private midwives in Bogor Regency.

The event serves not only as a platform for knowledge enhancement but also as a empowerment platform for midwives with practical skills applicable in their daily work. Midwives training took place twice on February 9th and 27th, 2024, with theme "Therapeutic Communication Training for Midwives," presented by Mita Noviana, a lecturer in Physiology, Exercise Therapy, Neurological Physical Therapy, and Paediatrician from the Department of Vocational Physiotherapy Education, University of Indonesia. One of another, there was "Early Stunting Prevention Training" presented by Prof. Dr. drg. Sandra Fikawati, MPHE, a lecturer in Department of Nutrition Science at Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia.

Midwives received education on the importance of therapeutic communication, considered an integral aspect of midwifery practice that can enhance the quality of care and health outcomes for mothers and children.

"Therapeutic communication is an integral aspect of midwifery practice that can enhance the quality of care and health outcomes for mothers and infants. By developing therapeutic communication skills, a midwife can create meaningful relationships, build trust, and better support the health journey of pregnant women," explained Mita Noviana.

In the next training session, this education provided a solid foundation for midwives to become positive agents of change in early stunting prevention. During this session, midwives received information on how to measure height and weight, fill out a healthy toddler card, provide nutritious food for children, and emphasize the importance of regular check-ups at integrated health posts.

"Regular check-ups at health posts are key to detecting and preventing stunting early on. Through health posts, information on children's health can be continuously monitored, their growth and development can be measured periodically, and preventive actions or interventions can be taken earlier," emphasized Prof. Dr. drg. Sandra Fikawati, MPHE.

Additionally, Prof. Dr. drg. Sandra Fikawati, MPHE emphasized importance of animal protein intake in stunting prevention, as it contains essential nutrients such as amino acids and iron crucial for a child's growth and development. Educating parents about nutritional value and balanced eating, including animal protein intake, can be an integral part of stunting prevention efforts in society.

Widya Olivia Tobing, Corporate Secretary of Darya-Varia, stated in this program series, "The goal of this training is to empower midwives to be at the forefront of stunting prevention. With their knowledges and skills they acquire, it is hoped that they can actively contribute to improving health of mothers and children in their assigned areas, thus helping to eradicate stunting cases. Collaboration between academia, practitioners, Company, and organizations provides a solid foundation for integrated and effective stunting prevention efforts."

Through this strong collaboration, it is hoped that Cibatok 2 Village, Bogor Regency, can serve as an example of successful early stunting prevention efforts, creating a healthy and thriving environment for a stunting-free healthy generation.