The number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia is still high. Especially for the islands of Java and Bali. According to WHO data for the period of August 2, 2021, Indonesia recorded 3,462,800 confirmed cases and 97,291 death.  That's why the government is currently very aggressively conducting mass vaccinations to increase herd immunity.

But will the body be immune to the Covid-19 virus after being vaccinated? What needs to be understood is that the vaccination is given to help protect the body from the corona virus attack and reduce the risk of developing symptoms of disease and infection from this virus. This means that there is still a possibility that someone will be infected with this virus even shortly after being vaccinated. It's just that the risk of experiencing severe symptoms due to Covid-19 will be reduced.

The body will be producing antibodies against the COVID-19 virus after 2-4 weeks of vaccination. Here sometimes appear some side effects such as muscle pain, fatigue, headache, fever and nausea. However, if in the first 12 hours there is pain around the injection or other side effects, it is also a sign that the body's immune system is working.

This is why where it is important to always maintain the body's immunity before and after the covid 19 vaccination. If the immunity or immune system is weak, then the body will not be able to fight various microorganisms that cause disease, including the corona virus.

There is some that can be done to keep the body's immunity before and after the COVID-19 vaccination include:

  1. Get Enough Rest

With adequate rest, the body's immune system will work as well as possible to fight the virus. Because there is a part of the body's immune response that works while sleeping. And sleep is the best way to control stress too.

Adults need get rest with 7-9 hours a night while children and teens need 10-14 hours.

  1. Keep exercising according to your tolerance
  2. Avoid alcoholic drinks
  3. Do not take drugs carelessly. If you have a history of illness, you should first consult with your doctor
  4. Getting Healthy Food and Drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables. It doesn't have to be expensive fruits and vegetables, the most important thing is enough fruit and vegetable intake.
  5. Continue to take multivitamins as immunomodulators.

Immunomodulators are substances that can modify the immune response, by activating defence mechanisms, including restoring an impaired immune balance. That’s by completing the need for vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and vitamin D.

Therefore, even after being vaccinated, the body's immune system still needs to be considered and even improved. And don't forget to remain disciplined in following the 5M health protocol (Washing hands, Wearing Masks, Keeping Distance, stay away from crowds and Reducing mobility). This is because only 28% of the Indonesian population of the total target of 70% of the Indonesian population are vaccinated to form community immunity.

Only with strict 5M Health Protocols, Vaccines and Prayers can protect us. Vaccination is anticipatory and plays a role in optimizing the control of the spread of the virus, so it does not mean that it is immune or absolutely avoids exposure to COVID-19. Vaccination and 5M Health Protocols are a complementary unit.

The benefits of Vaccination are huge! It will protect ourselves from the risk of the severity of covid-19 for ourselves and others.

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