For people who live in urban areas, especially for some big cities, the busy schedule of work activities is very common. Starting a lot of work that must be completed with very urgent deadlines, attending a meeting with colleagues somewhere or virtually during a pandemic like this is a daily routine that cannot be avoided.

Routines that keep pace with time often make us neglect health. Especially in terms of healthy and timely food. Why? Because the fact is that by consuming healthy food and on time it is able to maintain a more stable mood, spirit and maintain a more prime body condition so as to avoid various disease disorders. Now, do you have enough time for that? Here are some tips that can be applied in serving healthy food for those who have extra activities every day. They are :

  1. 1. Do not make the reason for busy work to delay eating and consuming unhealthy foods.
  2. 2. Never skip breakfast. Choose a menu with complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, fruit or vegetables. Or with high fiber content, a source of protein and good fats. And avoid added sugar as a sweetener.
  1. 3. Avoid consuming too much coffee. No more than two cups per day. Coffee has diuretic properties that can increase the formation of urine faster so that you experience more frequent urination. This puts you at risk of becoming dehydrated. Replace with herbal teas, such as ginseng tea which can increase energy or green tea which helps improve concentration.
  1. 4. Meet the needs of water every day. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or 2 liters so that energy levels remain high, digestion is smooth, and concentration is maintained.
  1. 5. Always prepare healthy snacks. By consuming fruit, boiled vegetables, or nuts. This can help the body to meet the vitamins and nutrients it needs.
  1. 6. Avoid ready-to-eat or packaged foods and eat fresh foods. Fast food contains a lot of sugar, salt, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial coloring and others that are not good for the body.
  1. 7. Don't over eat. Eat enough food and regularly. If you are still hungry, wait 30 minutes and then eat again with small portions or eat healthy snacks that have been prepared. Overeating if not accompanied by exercise will inhibit the digestive system which will eventually gain weight and cause diseases such as diabetes.
  1. 8. Eat regularly and on time. It is recommended to eat dinner before 8 pm so that the body can process food and cleanse the body of toxins.
  1. 9. Take Supplements. With the help of taking supplements, your body will absorb food more perfectly. The recommended supplements are multivitamin or mineral supplements, probiotic supplements, B-complex vitamins, supplements containing omega 3 or omega 6 essential fatty acids and fish oil.


If you really want or have to eat at a restaurant, then it's better to be more selected in choosing the food menu. Some things to avoid are:

  1. 1. It's best to avoid foods cooked in excess oil and at high temperatures to dry or foods sprinkled with cheese. Foods that look tempting are actually high in calories. We recommend choosing a menu that is boiled, steamed or baked.
  2. 2. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can trigger dehydration, increase the risk of hypertension, stroke, heart attack, to affect organ systems in the body that can harm the body's condition.


Keep the diet and nutritional intake for the body. No matter how busy you are, you still have time to do light exercise, even if it's just running inside the house. Pay attention to sleep patterns to keep your body and mind healthy and fresh. Completed nutritional needs by consuming fruits and vegetables every day accompanied by drinking milk to increase the intake of good nutrients to the body. Because a healthy body will emit a strong soul and heart.



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