Darya-Varia together with the Children's Creativity Center-Center for Child Studies and Protection (SKA-PKPA) distributed Enervon-C Plus for free to street children living in Kwala Bekala Village, Medan Johor District, Thursday (7/1/2021). Local Area Marketing Supervisor, Rifat Nasution said, during this Covid-19 Pandemic, the Company wants to care about street children by distributing 150 bottles of Enervon-C Plus for free, to boost their immune system. "Today we want to care for children. We will distribute Enervon-C Plus, namely vitamins for children, around 150 bottles. Especially now that we are in a pandemic period, so we really care, especially for street children and buskers who are within the scope of PKPA,” said Rifat. He hopes that this activity can help improve the immune system of street children during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only Enervon-C Plus, Darya-Varia also distributed fried rice that had been neatly wrapped and ready to be eaten. Rifat also explained that this Enervon-C Plus product can be consumed by children aged 2-12 years. It contains vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin A, which are very good for children's growth. Geographical Sales Manager Distribution Sumatra, Agung Irawan said the same thing. He hopes that this activity can continue to be carried out, because it is also part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Darya-Varia.