PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk (Darya-Varia) today showcases its Desa Sehat program, part of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, which has been in place since 2019. Desa Sehat is one of the initiatives Darya-Varia has put in place as part of its dedication to addressing problems that arise in the area where the company conducts its business, particularly pertaining to promoting healthy lifestyles, and empowering local communities to improve their economic standings.

Through educational programs such as the making of Vertical Garden to grow organic vegetables, Desa Sehat has been successful in helping with food security issues, accommodating nutrition needs to in 5 neighborhoods within Gunung Putri manufacturing area. Aside from Vertical Garden, the cultivation of Catfish in buckets also has given an economic impact towards the beneficiaries of Desa Sehat. The harvest of organic vegetables and Catfish are absorbed by local food sellers, thus resulting in a positive economic effect. Occasionally, Desa Sehat also gives children under the age of five supplemental meals, which is organized through Posyandu. Since 2019, 800 toddlers in 7 neighborhoods have benefited from the effort.

Desa Sehat is a CSR initiative that aims to ensure programs related to health improvement and sustained community empowerment within the corporation’s surrounding operational areas are conducted in a sustainable manner, and the initiative will continue until the company's purpose is accomplished. Through Desa Sehat, Darya-Varia wants to invite all community members and stakeholders to continue actively participating in efforts to improve public health through a community empowerment approach, so that synergy between health, empowerment, and economy can be achieved. This is also in-line with the company's vision and mission, to create a healthier Indonesia, and to our CSR pillar, Sehat Indonesiaku.