Toll Manufacturing & International Business

Darya-Varia provides Toll Manufacturing services for both local and international principals with our two world class manufacturing facilities:

  • Gunung Putri Manufacturing Facility
  • Citeureup Manufacturing Facility

Gunung Putri Plant Manufacturing Facility

The Gunung Putri Plant is the center of excellence for soft gelatin capsules. In 2013, Gunung Putri inaugurated a Flexi-Strip Robotic Packaging machine, which fully automated the in-line packaging process, as well as a Drying Tumbler, which reduces the drying time for soft gelatin.

Darya-Varia holds the distinction of being one of the largest soft gel manufacturers in South-East Asia. It churns out high volumes of soft gelatin capsules building on the success of its well-known brands, NATUR-E, of which come in this unique product form.

Beside soft capsules, Darya-Varia also produces liquid and semisolid products. Darya-Varia produces liquid food supplement and OTC products. The well-known brand which distributed in local market and affiliates are Paratusin, Naprex, Biogesic Syrup, and Enervon-C Syrup.

The Gunung Putri Plant expands its excellence and uniqueness into cosmetic products which produce NATUR-E variants in lotion format.

The Gunung Putri Plant has already halal certified by MUI for all facilities.

Citeureup Manufacturing Facility

The Citeureup Plant is a center excellence for sterile injections and low volume solid products. The sterile injection facility consists of three filling lines production which are ampoule, vial which is completed with Freeze Drying system for Lyophilization process and bottle infusion.

Darya-Varia applies visual management system, monitoring utility system, and continuous particle monitoring system, to keep the sterile products in good quality.

The Citeureup Plant has separated building of Cephalosporin facility in its compliance to cGMP. The dry injection machine is fully automated process and completed with camera vision system to detect particle glass contaminant.

It also centers of excellence low-volume solid for both under-prescription product and over the counter product.

Services & Capabilities

We are offering our services and capabilities as follows:

  • Toll-Manufacturing services starting from technology transfer, trials, stability study, raw and packaging material procurement, and finished goods commercial supply
  • Partnership in doing new business in Indonesia

International Business

Darya-Varia has exported its products for the following countries:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Myanmar
  3. Philippines
  4. Singapore
  5. Vietnam
  6. Mongolia

We are open for potential new distributors who are willing to have collaboration with Darya-Varia in their countries.
Please contact our address, phone, or email.

Contact for Toll Manufacturing & International Business

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