Tuesday, 14 December 2021 - 

Since 2018, through a collaborative program with the Ministry of Health, Darya-Varia has actively provided education regarding stunting prevention to the people of Cibatok 2 Village, Bogor Regency, West Java. Until 2021, Darya-Varia has implemented 5 (five) phases of the stunting prevention program. Some of these activities are training for healthy ambassadors’ cadres, free medical treatment for children & pregnant women, school sanitation programs, vitamin donations for elementary school children, UKS infrastructure development in elementary schools, weighing operations, nutritious food for stunting children.

As a continuity of this program, Darya-Varia again held educational activities, this time entitled "Education on Strengthening the Role of Families and Parenting in Supporting Children's Growth and Development". This seminar was held on Tuesday (14/12) at the Cibatok 2 Village Head Office and was attended by Widya Olivia Tobing, Head of Legal and Corporate Secretary as a representative of the Company; Abdurrohim, S.I.P as Head of Cibatok 2 Village; Muktari as Head of Administration for the Cibatok 2 Village Health Center; and cadres of healthy ambassadors of Cibatok Village 2.

Stunting is a physical growth disorder in children. Short stature is one indication of children with stunting conditions. Apart from being characterized by short or stunted stature, stunting is also characterized by impaired brain development. Stunting can be prevented with proper child development parenting. Maintaining the intake of nutritious food and processed directly is one way to regulate the upbringing of children. This was stated by Alfiasari, S.P., M.Si., as a speaker at the seminar and also a Lecturer in the Department of Family and Consumer Science, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB.

On the same occasion, the Head of Cibatok 2 Village, Abdurrohim S.I.P said that from 2018 to 2021, there had been a decline in the stunting rate in Cibatok 2 Village. The emphasis on this figure was the positive impact of stunting prevention programs that had been implemented effectively. "I express my gratitude to Darya-Varia who has helped educate the people of Cibatok 2 Village in regulating the pattern of child growth and development so that the stunting rate can be reduced within 3 years." added Abdurrohim.

The stunting program in Cibatok 2 Village is a sustainability program of Darya-Varia's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). "We hope that this stunting prevention program can provide benefits for the people of Cibatok 2 Village, helping to reduce stunting rates so that in the future it is hoped that there will be no more stunting cases and children in this village will grow up to be healthy and smart children." said Widya. Darya-Varia is committed to supporting the Indonesian government's programs in the welfare of the Indonesian people through other CSR programs.