Quick Facts

Headquarter: Jakarta, Indonesia
Business: Pharmaceutical Company
Employee: 1,665 (Data 2020)

PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk 
("Darya-Varia" or "the Company") is a 
long-established pharmaceutical company 
in Indonesia that frst commenced its 
operations in 1976.

Upon becoming a public company in 1994, it acquired PT Pradja Pharin (Prafa) in 1995, and proceeded to develop a wide range 
of Prescription and Consumer Health products. In July 2014, Darya-Varia merged with Prafa.

Darya-Varia operates two world-class manufacturing facilities, one in Gunung Putri and one in Citeureup, Bogor, both of which are ASEAN current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certifed. The two plants are focused on manufacturing the Company's own brands, as well as toll manufacturing products for national and multinational principals, both for local and export markets. The Darya-Varia Plant in Gunung Putri specializes in  manufacturing soft gelatin capsules and liquid products, while the Darya-Varia Plant in Citeureup concentrates on the manufacturing of sterile injections and solids. The Company also toll manufactures with its afliate . In 2013, the Company obtained halal certifcation for NATUR-E and HOBAT Capsules, its animal based gelatin products, marking a frst halal certifed supplement for a pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.

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In line with its mission to "build a healthier Indonesia one person at a time", Darya-Varia produces high quality products for both 
Consumer Health and Ethical product lines, building strong, respected brands that are recognized throughout Indonesia. By 
following a consistent and relationship-driven engagement approach, the Company is moving to achieve its vision to be a 
top-fve pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.

Currently 92.13% of Darya-Varia shares is owned by Blue Sphere Singapore Pte. Ltd. (BSSPL), an afliate of United Laboratories, 
Inc. (Unilab).Unilab, the Philippines' largest pharmaceutical company, was established in 1945 and now has a large network of 
Asian afliates including operations in Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and China.