1. Avoid eating while working.


It’s time to break your working lunch habit. Eating while you work makes you more prone to mindless eating, so you’re unaware of what and how much you are eating. Be sure to eat during designated breaks away from your desk so you can savor your meals without distractions.


2. Bring your own food.


When you choose fast food, you have limited control of what goes in your food. By preparing your own meals, you not only save money, you know how much and what goes into the meal.


3. Ask yourself: are you really hungry?


If you’re craving for a candy bar or a bag of chips, ask yourself first if you’re really hungry or just bored. To manage your appetite, drink water or chew mint-flavored gum. You can have a snack if you still feel hungry after that.


4. Keep healthy snacks on hand.


It’s perfectly fine to snack in between meals; just be sure to make them count! Stock up on healthy snack options like trail mix or fruit slices so you can satisfy cravings without the guilt


5. Learn to say no.


We will always find an occasion to order plenty of food. It’s hard to refuse, but try to give a firm but polite “no, thank you”. If they insist, share your meal with a co-worker or manage your portions.


For A Healthier Indonesia

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