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Ministry of Health Targeting Prevalence of Toddler Stunting Decrease to 20% in 2025.

BOGOR- Ministry of Health targeting prevalence of toddler stunting in Indonesia should down to the level of 20% as the standards has been set by World Health Organization in 2025, decrease compare to current number which is high at 29,6%. This decreasing is in line with the comprehensive establishment that is done by the government under the coordination of Ministry of Health and urge the business line to intensively anticipate the stunting.

"Actually stunting previously has intervened by Ministry of Health, but the effort is not comprehensive yet. But now, it is more integrated and comprehensive with the involvement of business line and government. Ministry of Health targeting the percentage of stunting prevalence can go down to around 20% in 2025, as per standards of WHO," said Theresia Irawati, Head of Information Dissemination Directorate of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment Ministry of Health after the event of "Health Improvement Mother Children in Support of Stunting Prevention" held in Cibatok Rural II, Bogor, Jawa Barat, Thursday (22/11).

That event is held by PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk as one of the corporate social responsibilities in corporation with Ministry of Health to support Ministry of Health Stunting Prevention Program. Theresia added this stunting problem in Indonesia needs effort to handle in which more reaching to the root of problem, not the problem of eye health only, but also related to community purchase intention empowerment. "Ministry of Health probably could handle 30% of this stunting problem, hence it needs integrated and comprehensive effort from other parts and from business part. " said her.

Said Theresia, Mistry of Health has coordinated with Ministry of Internal Affairs to allocate rural funds for stunting prevention. "for health funds usually 10% allocation from rural funds, but because of the urgency of this stunting problem, we are hoping the allocation is bigger than that."

This year, she continued, Ministry of Health has set 100 priority districts to be focus location in preventing the stunting, such as Bogor District, especially Cibatok Rural II. "we also give appreciation to companies such as PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk which cares with this health problem especially in stunting prevention, like in Bogor District especially Cibatok Rural." She said.

Widya Olivia Tobing, Head of Legal & Corporate Secretary at PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk, explained this company's effort to have a counselling and free healthy check up for mothers and children in Cibatok Rural II as part of Darya-Varia's corporate social responsibilities. Moreover, the effort which is done to support government program in handling and preventing the stunting."

"We want to actively involve in government program and do a real action such as counselling health ambassador, giving out the vitamin, giving out additional food, introducing healthy life pattern, sanitation education and building healthy sanitation facility, and having free health check up regularly from doctors to community in Cibatok Rural II." She said.

She said, counselling and education to health ambassador is one of the best program to build independency from the rural itself as the focus of stunting prevention. "We call the health ambassadors as the health heroes because of they are housewives who make themselves to give an education, inspiration and remind other mothers. It is pioneer and new way to inspire other business line." She said.

In the event "Health Improvement of Mothers and Children in Supporting Stunting Prevention", corporation between Darvya-Varia, Ministry of Health, Health Department, Clinics and Cibatok Rural II officers, held a counselling and health education and also free health check up to 200 mothers and children in Cibatok Rural II. This event is held to commemorate 54th National Health Day.

The Chief of Cibatok Rural II Abdul Rohim appreciated the effort from Darya-Varia, Ministry of Health, Health Department and Clinics to collaborate in handling and preventing the stunting. "We are Cibatok Rural II appreciating effort from Darya-Varia, Ministry of Health, Health Department and Clinics to give the counselling, training and health education to all health ambassadors to be the pioneer to prevent the stunting. I am grateful and support that activity which has goal to improve healthy life and nutritions to mothers and children."he said.

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