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Posyandu Cadres Empowerment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of Posyandu cadres empowerment under umbrella “Sehat Indonesiaku” (My Healthy Indonesia) keeps sustaining. In December 2012, around 300 cadres from Puskesmas Sukmajaya and Puskesmas Citeureup were joining communication skills training . They were trained to deliver information effectively and accurately, also to be more confident. This will be their skill to conduct their social duties to inspire people for a healthier life. Besides that, to get better information about Darya-Varia, the cadres were invited to visit Darya-Varia plant and Prafa plant.


Launching of BIOGESIC New Packaging

On December 11, 2012, BIOGESIC, “Expert of Headache” launched new packaging in practical blister and dominated by interesting blue color. This new packaging is expected to make consumers more loyal with the BIOGESIC that has been a good choice for headache drug in Indonesia since 1980.

Traveling Home with ENERVON-C

During the fasting month, ENERVON-C once again staged its "Mudik Bersama ENERVON-C " (Traveling Home with ENERVON-C) program, which commenced 8 days before Idul Futri and continued up until the eve of Idul Fitri.


January, ENERVON-C organized sports events titled "ENEROBIC" (ENERVON-C Aerobic) in Jakarta and Surabaya. Hundreds, even thousands, of people turned out to perform typical ENEROBIC moves. The participants were very excited and expressed the wish that such events would be held on a regular basis.

NEOZEP won “Indonesia Brand Champion 2012”

NEOZEP won “Indonesia Brand Champion 2012” for Paracetamol category.
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